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  1. Vasquez v. Rackauckas

    April 19, 2005CaseCriminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform, Police Practices
  2. Diouf v. Napolitano

    April 25, 2005CaseNational Security
  3. Casey A. v. Gundry

    May 2, 2005CaseEducation Equity
  4. Doe v. State of California

    May 3, 2005CaseEconomic Justice, Education Equity
  5. Doe 1 v. State of California

    May 30, 2005CaseEducation Equity
  6. ACLU v. ICE

    April 16, 2012CaseImmigrants' Rights
  7. Hamdan v. Department of Justice

    April 19, 2012CaseImmigrants' Rights
  8. Moreno v. City of Anaheim

    June 28, 2012CaseAccountability and Abuse of Power
  9. Asociación de Jornaleros de Costa Mesa v. Costa Mesa

    July 27, 2012CaseFreedom of Speech and Government Transparency, Immigrants' Rights
  10. Boudlal v. Disney

    August 1, 2012CaseReligious Liberty