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  1. ACLU lawsuits charge Anaheim, Sacramento County with refusing to disclose information about StingRay use

    March 10, 2015Press releasePrivacy and Surveillance
  2. U.S. citizen threatened with deportation while detained in jail settles claim with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

    March 12, 2015Press releaseImmigrants' Rights
  3. Residents sue City of Fullerton for shutting Asian Americans out of electoral process

    March 18, 2015Press releaseAccountability and Abuse of Power
  4. Victory: Court approves settlement enforcing federal protections for inmates with disabilities in L.A. County Jails

    March 23, 2015Press releasePrisoners' Rights
  5. ACLU SoCal sues San Bernardino County Sheriff to force Taser records release

    March 26, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  6. ACLU SoCal issues statement in wake of San Bernardino Sheriff's use of force video

    April 10, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  7. ACLU SoCal issues statement on video depicting unlawful destruction of camera phone by an officer in Southgate

    April 21, 2015Press releaseAccountability and Abuse of Power, Police Practices
  8. ACLU SoCal issues statement on L.A. district attorney's proposal to reexamine questionable convictions

    April 23, 2015Press releaseCriminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform, Prisoners' Rights
  9. ACLU SoCal issues statement on LAPD's policy on body worn video cameras

    April 24, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  10. ACLU SoCal issues statement on LA Sheriff Dept's settlement with DOJ

    April 28, 2015Press releasePolice Practices