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  1. New results from our nationwide cell phone tracking records requests

    September 11, 2012News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  2. How many of your new Facebook friends are undercover cops?

    October 2, 2012News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  3. Police cameras outside your door

    October 4, 2012News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  4. New Justice Department documents show huge increase in warrantless electronic surveillance

    October 5, 2012News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  5. ACLU calls for end to program, disclosure of program’s scope, congressional investigation

    June 6, 2013Press releasePrivacy and Surveillance
  6. ACLU challenges NSA's Patriot Act phone surveillance

    June 11, 2013Press releasePrivacy and Surveillance
  7. VICTORY! US Supreme Court invalidates patents on BRCA1 and BRCA2

    June 13, 2013Press releasePrivacy and Surveillance
  8. Let the debates begin

    June 9, 2013News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  9. PRESS RELEASE: ACLU/SC argues before Ninth Circuit Court: Sanctions for government lying should be upheld

    June 26, 2013Press releasePrivacy and Surveillance
  10. Why you should care when the government lies: ACLU/SC Q&A

    June 27, 2013News updateNational Security, Privacy and Surveillance