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  1. Dushyant Bala

    July 18, 2016Why I'm a member
  2. Roberta “Birdie” Reed

    July 18, 2016Why I'm a member
  3. Sheriff Baca’s Strike Force: Deputy Violence And Head Injuries Of Inmates In LA County Jails

    September 1, 2012PublicationPrisoners' Rights, Police Practices
  4. Public Safety and Realignment

    March 1, 2012PublicationPrisoners' Rights
  5. Counterproductive And Wasteful

    February 1, 2012PublicationEducation Equity
  6. Hello! Students Have a Right to Privacy in Their Cell Phones

    September 1, 2011PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance, Education Equity
  7. Cruel and Usual Punishment: How A Savage Gang Of Deputies Controls LA County Jails

    September 1, 2011PublicationPrisoners' Rights, Police Practices
  8. Community Safety, Community Solutions: Implementing AB 109

    August 1, 2011PublicationPrisoners' Rights
  9. Annual Report 2010 – 2011

    November 1, 2010Publication
  10. Annual Report 2009 – 2010

    November 1, 2009Publication


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