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  1. Legislating for Police Reform and Black Lives in California

    September 2, 2015News updatePolice Practices
  2. ACLU Tells Justice Department to Deny Money for LAPD Body Cams

    September 3, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  3. ACLU to DOJ: Don’t Give Money to LAPD For Body Cameras

    September 3, 2015News updatePolice Practices
  4. Read the Stories of Civil Asset Forfeiture Victims

    September 10, 2015News updatePolice Practices
  5. Sacramento Sheriff’s New StingRay Surveillance Policy is Flawed

    September 16, 2015News updatePolice Practices, Privacy and Surveillance
  6. ACLU SoCal issues statement on the first shooting by LAPD officers equipped with body cameras

    September 16, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  7. ACLU SoCal issues statement on federal funding of LAPD's body-cam program

    September 21, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  8. Riverside Community Conference to Promote Fair, Transparent Policing

    September 30, 2015News updatePolice Practices
  9. Jennifer Rojas

    September 8, 2015BiographyPolice Practices
  10. LAPD Body-Worn Cameras

    September 21, 2015CampaignPrivacy and Surveillance, Police Practices, Body-worn video cameras