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  1. ACLU, Family Members Sue for Release of American Citizen Detained in Iraq

    July 6, 2005News updateNational Security
  2. Government Lies to Cover Up Secrets in Surveillance Case

    May 9, 2011News updateNational Security
  3. The Constitution is not a State Secret

    August 3, 2011News updateNational Security, Religious Liberty
  4. Federal Court Sanctions U.S. Gov't For Failing to Disclose Information on Surveillance Conducted on SoCal Muslim Community

    November 18, 2011Press releaseNational Security, Privacy and Surveillance, Religious Liberty
  5. Ninth Circuit gives ACLU’s no fly list clients their day in court

    July 30, 2012News updateNational Security
  6. Civil rights groups sue U.S. for killing of Americans tied to al Qaeda

    July 18, 2012News updateNational Security
  7. Guantánamo Dispatch: The public’s right to know

    August 28, 2012News updateImmigrants' Rights, National Security
  8. GRAPHIC: How the government simultaneously confirms AND denies targeted killing

    September 13, 2012News updateNational Security
  9. Press Release: ICE lifts immigration hold on US citizen Gerardo Gonzalez

    June 24, 2013Press releaseNational Security, Police Practices
  10. Why you should care when the government lies: ACLU/SC Q&A

    June 27, 2013News updateNational Security, Privacy and Surveillance