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  1. Sheriff Baca’s Strike Force: Deputy Violence And Head Injuries Of Inmates In LA County Jails

    September 1, 2012PublicationPrisoners' Rights, Police Practices
  2. Ultimate responsibility still rests with Baca

    September 7, 2012Press releasePrisoners' Rights
  3. New results from our nationwide cell phone tracking records requests

    September 11, 2012News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  4. A sheriff with his head in the sand

    September 11, 2012News updatePrisoners' Rights
  5. ACLU of California endorses Proposition 30

    September 11, 2012Press releaseEducation Equity
  6. NYCLU study shows gaps, inaccuracies and bias in NY sex ed instruction

    September 12, 2012Press releaseEducation Equity
  7. Homeless in the home of the brave

    September 13, 2012News updateAccountability and Abuse of Power
  8. GRAPHIC: How the government simultaneously confirms AND denies targeted killing

    September 13, 2012News updateNational Security
  9. It's time to dump California's death penalty by passing Prop. 34

    September 12, 2012News update
  10. Judge orders hearings for immigrants held in indefinite detention

    September 13, 2012Press releaseImmigrants' Rights