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  1. Sheriff Baca’s Strike Force: Deputy Violence And Head Injuries Of Inmates In LA County Jails

    September 1, 2012PublicationPrisoners' Rights, Police Practices
  2. Public Safety and Realignment

    March 1, 2012PublicationPrisoners' Rights
  3. Community Safety, Community Solutions: Implementing AB 109

    August 1, 2011PublicationPrisoners' Rights
  4. A Way Forward

    July 1, 2014PublicationPrisoners' Rights
  5. Cruel and Usual Punishment: How A Savage Gang Of Deputies Controls LA County Jails

    September 1, 2011PublicationPrisoners' Rights, Police Practices
  6. Orange County Jails

    June 26, 2017PublicationJails Project, Prisoners' Rights