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Roy Oldenkamp, President


The Westside chapter is one of the first to be chartered by the ACLU of Southern California Affiliate. The chapter represents almost 4,000 members west of Sepulveda Boulevard from Malibu to Westchester and offers events and advocacy opportunities in nearby areas including Hollywood, Culver City and West LA.

Historically the Westside Chapter has been a community leader for local and national issues and statewide ACLU rights campaigns regarding First Amendment, Immigration, Education, Police Practices, Gender Equality, and LGBT rights. The chapter established one of the first Police Abuse hotlines in Southern California during the years when there was little public support to protect its more vulnerable citizens. It stood up for Free Speech when government suppression was common, and it has promoted the rights of all students to have an equal education.

More recently the Westside chapter has worked on fighting immigration abuses and school bullying, working for same-sex marriage rights, personal genetic privacy, and for updating digital and journalistic rights and protections.

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