On Tuesday, November 6, Californians will vote on statewide initiatives and local measures that will greatly impact our civil liberties and civil rights. Learn how the ACLU SoCal stands on these issues. Vote your rights. Vote your values.

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YES on PROP 10 - Rent Stabilization

Restores the right of local communities to set fair limits on rent increases on all types of homes by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995. Prop. 10 will address California’s housing affordability crisis by restoring necessary tools at the local government level, resulting in:

  • Less homelessness by stabilizing rents for families and keeping them in their homes
  • Less displacement by protecting families threatened with skyrocketing rent
  • Safer, stronger and more stable communities

YES on PROP 1 - Access to Affordable Housing

Authorizes $4 billion in bonds to create affordable housing programs for veterans and poor people. Prop. 1 will provide funding for programs that will increase homeownership, access to housing for groups like veterans and farm workers, and access to housing opportunities near transit hubs. Prop. 1 is just one part of a broader effort to solve California’s affordable housing shortage and end homelessness.

YES on PROP 2 - Permanent Supportive Housing

Allows the state’s Mental Health Services Fund to finance permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness and in need of mental health services. Prop. 2 authorizes $2 billion in bonds for the No Place Like Home program that was enacted in 2016. Prop. 2 would allow the state legislature to appropriate funds from the Mental Health Services Fund, created by the passage of Prop. 63 in 2004 which levied a 1% income tax on individuals who earn more than $1 million, to the Supportive Housing Program subaccount. Prop. 2 will provide the up-front investment needed to increase permanent supportive housing options for people with serious mental health needs.

NO on PROP 5 - Tax Breaks for Wealthy

Profits wealthy property owners by expanding Prop. 13 tax breaks and draining funds earmarked for schools, housing and local services. Prop. 5 will change the California Constitution to allow wealthy property owners over 55 to take their old Prop. 13 property tax assessment with them when purchasing new property without any limits on how many times they can do so. Current law already allows property owners over 55 to keep their lower tax bill when they buy property equal or lesser value. This is a new tax break for the wealthiest property owners and offers no help for the vast majority of seniors who are homeowners or renters, or families struggling in California’s severe housing crisis. Our local schools and community services would pay the price, with upwards of $1 billion per year cut from funding.

NO on PROP 6 - Threatens Road Safety Projects

Halts bridge, road safety and transportation improvement projects and undermines future funding for basic human needs programs by repealing fuel tax and vehicle fees enacted in 2017. Prop. 6 eliminates funding for more than 6,500 local bridge and road safety and transportation improvement projects currently underway. The $4 billion shortfall would jeopardize funding for state and local services, including education, housing and healthcare. In addition, Prop. 6 requires voter approval for future gas and vehicle revenue thus undermining our lawmakers’ duty to determine fiscal policy.

YES on Measure L (Anaheim) - Living Wage for Resort Workers

Requires large corporations that receive Anaheim City-approved tax subsidies pay their workers at least a $15 per hour wage. Measure L applies solely to workers in the Anaheim Resort area and would benefit over 15,000 housekeepers, janitors, security guards, cooks and other low-wage workers and their families. Anaheim community members’ tax dollars support these large corporations, and in turn these corporations should support the community by providing better paying jobs.

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