Elections aren’t just about candidates. Elections — especially this year — are opportunities to weigh in on issues that count and make sure our elected officials align with community values.

See the Orange County Board of Supervisors Candidate Scorecard for District 2

See the Orange County Board of Supervisors Candidate Scorecard for District 4

The 2018 June primary and November general elections are a chance to elect politicians who will stand with vulnerable communities and prioritize civil rights and civil liberties.

Orange County is at a turning point on a host of critical issues:

Office of the District Attorney in Orange County

We can push for Smart Justice — law enforcement policies and practices that reduce mass incarceration and advance equal rights, racial and restorative justice.

A woman leaning against a bench, a tent in the background

We have a chance to invest in our most vulnerable communities and prioritize ending our housing and homelessness crisis, rather than continuing to turn a blind eye.

A family, a man woman and young daughter, all holding a sign that reads California Values Families.

We can Stand with California Values and build stronger communities to protect, not harass and separate immigrant families.

We need community members like you to engage, turn out and #VoteYourValues. Because this year, we must all vote like our rights depend on it.


The County Board of Supervisors is a non-partisan governing body responsible for all five districts of Orange County. This critical level of government should represent and prioritize constituent values.

They work for you.

In Buena Park, Cypress, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach? You may be in Orange County District 2.

See the Orange County Board of Supervisors Candidate Scorecard for District 2

In La Habra, Brea, Fullerton, Buena Park, Anaheim, Placentia? You may be in Orange County District 4.

See the Orange County Board of Supervisors Candidate Scorecard for District 4

The Board’s members control a budget of over $6 billion and oversee the policies and administration of agencies that directly impact things we care about, including:

☑ Child and Family Services
☑ Education
☑ Homeless and Housing Programs
☑ County Jails
☑ Sheriff’s Department
☑ Alternatives to Incarceration & Mental Health Services
☑ Probation
☑ Veterans’ Services
☑ Parks & Recreation


Your county district attorney (DA) and sheriff hold the power to impact the lives of millions of people, families and entire communities. The reality of mass incarceration and the growing threat of mass deportations mean it’s critical that our law enforcement officials are committed to advancing equal rights, immigrants' rights and restorative justice.

The DA has the power to:

☑ Set the stakes by deciding what charges to file
☑ Choose whether to seek a death sentence
☑ Give someone a second chance by directing them to treatment or rehabilitation instead of jail
☑ Reduce mass incarceration
☑ Prosecute police officers who violate the law, including through use of unjustified force
☑ Prosecute corrupt politicians
☑ Ensure everyone is provided equal treatment, justice, and due process in the criminal justice system

Learn more about the office of the District Attorney, their critical role in shaping the criminal justice system and how you can help hold the DA accountable at www.meetyourda.org and find out about how the OC DA candidates stand on community priorities at www.vote4da.org.

The Sheriff has the power to:

☑ Run the county jail system
☑ Use alternative punishments to incarceration
☑ Reduce recidivism and crime by providing opportunities for rehabilitation, education, and work training in jails
☑ Influence state policy
☑ Exercise discretion over when to make arrests and prioritize investigation of violent crimes over low level drug and other petty offenses

Learn more about the office of the Sheriff, their powers and responsibilities at aclusocal.org/electyoursheriff.

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